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Ningxia Zhongning Goji Industry Development Co., LTD donated medical masks to frontline staff for epidemic prevention

Life is more important than Mount Tai, the outbreak is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility. 

In order to respond positively to the county committee government resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control of the fight against the war. Ningxia Zhongning Yi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. active action, every effort from overseas procurement of medical masks 19,000, respectively donated to the Zhongning County Civil Affairs Bureau 10,000, as well as the Zhongning County Center for Disease Control and Prevention 9000, for the county's epidemic prevention and control work to contribute a thin lying force. 

  "Start with us in the fight against the epidemic" from Zhongning Goji Co., LTD. We will help win the battle against the epidemic.

"The outbreak is relentless, there is love on earth." Life is more important than Mount Tai, the outbreak is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility. In recent days, the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection has touched the hearts of everyone up and down the country, and the people are determined to fight the "epidemic" together, which is the duty and responsibility of each of our Sons and Daughters.

Following the donation of 19,000 masks to the first-line epidemic prevention personnel in Zhongning County, Ningxia Zhongning Yan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. actively participated in the donation activities of the Central Guard Red Cross, and on February 19, the emergency production of 5040 bottles of dried fruit worth 362880 yuan was urgently produced for the relief of the medical personnel who fought on the front line. The materialwill will be delivered by the Central Guard Red Cross to the designated location as required to help win the outbreak prevention and control battle. Zhongning Yan Co., Ltd. will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and social needs, and go all out to assist and support the development of epidemic prevention and control work.

Salute to all the "soldiers" fighting in the front line of the epidemic!

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