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Ningxia Hongyunxing Biotechnology Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningxia Red Wolfberry Trading Co., LTD., covers an area of 208 mu with a construction area of 56,537 square meters, including 50,124 square meters of workshop, 23 warehouse buildings and 6,413 square meters of r&d, office and ancillary buildings. With advanced lycium barbarum drying, lycium barbarum purification color selection, automatic packaging, Lycium barbarum fruit wine, lycium barbarum concentrated clear juice, expanded lycium barbarum, red jujube and other production lines, can process all kinds of lycium barbarum dried fruit 20000 tons, red jujube 1000 tons, Lycium barbarum fruit wine 500 tons, concentrated lycium barbarum clear juice 3000 tons, expanded Lycium barbarum 100 tons. It is an enterprise with large scale, specialization and high degree of automation.

The company takes Chinese wolfberry industry as the center and makes full use of "cultural inheritance and product core"

The three strategies of "heart competitiveness, value attachment", three plates of "planting base, dried fruit processing and marketing, deep processing of Wolfberry", and three principles of "reciprocity, sharing and win-win" are used for overall planning. Using the chain development of Chinese wolfberry as the main line, give priority to with high-end technology, features a scale for the brand, change the traditional management mode for the means of wolfberry merchant activity seems polymerization development, change the traditional extensive raw material processing into Chinese wolfberry processing area, and radiation lead zhongning hundreds of local Chinese wolfberry merchants change operating mode means of development, Chinese wolfberry industry bigger and stronger, to boost the economy, creating the largest professional processing of Chinese wolfberry, finished goods wholesalers.

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