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Ningxia Hong Rising Biological Technology Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningxia Red-goji Berry Trade Co.,Ltd., founded in July 2015. Company registered capital of 30 million yuan, the total value of assets of 240 million yuan, a total construction area of 56537m2, planting area of 600 hectares. With advanced drying, purification color selection, automatic packaging, fruit wine, condensed juice, low-temperature freeze-dried, red dates and other production lines, can be processed annually all kinds of dried fruit 20,000 tons, red dates 20 00 tons, 500 tons of fruit wine, 2000 tons of juice, low-temperature freeze-dried 100 tons, is a collection of planting, research and development, professional processing as one of the large-scale, professional, high degree of automation of enterprises.

The company to the industry as the center, the full use of "cultural heritage, product core competitiveness, value attachment" three strategies, "planting base, dry fruit processing marketing, deep processing" three major plates, "reciprocity, sharing, win-win" three principles, the overall planning. The use of the main line of chain development, to high-end technology as the main play, to scale characteristics for the brand, change the traditional business of the merchant single-handed business model for the combination of development, change the traditional extensive raw material processing to the field of deep processing, to create China's largest wholesaler.

In order to ensure product quality, the company will be the first production workshop in the field head, self-built base, in accordance with standardized planting regulations to manage. After fresh fruit cleaning, dewaxing, air drying, mechanical drying, overwind, grading, color selection, manual selection, sterilization, electrostatic hair separation, metal detection, automatic packaging, weighing, packing, packaging and other processes, effectively avoid the processing process from secondary pollution, to ensure product quality, won the market.

Companies actively explore the market, products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, the European Union, Canada, Israel, India, Australia and other more than 20 countries and regions, and strive to become the industry leader.

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